Group Members




Dr. Aditi Bhattacherjee, 2017-
Aditi1 Aditi obtained her Ph.D. from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai) in 2014 for her work on electronic and vibrational spectroscopy of hydrogen bonded clusters in the gas phase. Her thesis entitled ‘’The Role of CH and SH Groups as Hydrogen Bond Donors in Stabilizing Molecular Complexes’’ was awarded the TAA-Chemistry Best Thesis Award (2014-2015). Thereafter, she worked with Prof. Stephen Leone at UC Berkeley, where she became an expert in femtosecond extreme-ultraviolet and soft X-ray transient absorption spectroscopy, using these techniques to study UV photoinduced photochemical reactions (Dec 2014-April 2017). She joined the Oliver group in May 2017 where her primary aim is to gain a fundamental understanding of the electronic and vibrational couplings in charge and/or energy transport reactions using multidimensional optical spectroscopies.

PhD Students

Marta Duchi, 2016-
  Marta obtained her Undergraduate and Master’s degrees from the University of Perugia. At Perugia, she studied Physical Chemistry with Prof. Casavecchia. In 2014 she was selected to participate in the IREU program, performing research with Prof. Hanna Raisler at the University of Southern California. At USC Marta characterised the formation of hydroxymethyl radicals using resonance enhanced multiphoton ionisation time-of-flight measurements. During her Master’s project with Prof. Orr-Ewing at the University of Bristol she studied the reaction rates of two Criegee intermediates with ammonia and substituted amines. Marta joined the group in September 2016.
Victoria Taylor, 2016-
 victoria Victoria is a Bristol Centre for Function Nanomaterials (BCFN) PhD student, funded by the EPSRC. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology from Lancaster University in 2015. In her undergraduate degree she worked on a range of projects including an industrial placement with Oxford Instruments and a final project investigating Z0 decay channels with data from the large electron-positron collider at CERN. During her first year as a BCFN CDT student she has worked in several research groups at the University of Bristol before joining the Oliver research group for her PhD project.
Giordano Amoruso, 2017-
Giordano obtained his undergraduate and Master’s degrees from the University of Padua, where he worked with Prof. Elisabetta Collini on the characterisation of ultrafast phenomena in a CdSe/ZnS quantum dots sample using multidimensional electronic spectroscopies. In 2012, Giordano was admitted to the Galilean School of Higher Education (SGSS), that he attended throughout his university career, participating to additional courses, seminars and projects on both specific and multidisciplinary subjects. He is currently working on his Galilean thesis, focusing on the communication of science to public audience. Giordano joined the Oliver group in October 2017. 

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