Fluorescence lifetime imaging grant success

We have been successful in our bid for a seed-corn grant from the Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation to investigate the fluorescence lifetimes of iridescent chloroplasts using fluorescence lifetime imaging. This will help upgrade our current time-correlated single photon counting apparatus and enable confocal imaging of single chloroplasts. These studies will investigate if the non-photochemical quenching response of the iridoplasts is related to their photonic structure.

Welcome Daniel Polak

download-1Dr Daniel Polak joins the Oliver group following PhD studies with Dr Jenny Clark at the University of Sheffield. In his PhD, Daniel studied singlet fission of polyenes inside de novo maquette proteins and the effect of microcavities on the emission efficiency of singlet fission. Daniel will use multidimensional optical spectroscopies to explore chemical and biomolecular condensed phase dynamics.